As with all cycling components, wheels should be inspected prior to and after each and every ride. You should be looking  for things such as:

  • loose or damaged spokes or spoke nipples,
  • worn or damaged rims,
  • worn or noisy wheel bearings,
  • poor free hub engagement.

If any of these conditions exist or any other which may lead to wheel failure, then we recommend seeking specialist advice as soon as possible to rectify the fault before it develops into a bigger issue.

Other tasks to consider doing on a regular basis are:

  • Re-lubricate cup and cone bearings,
  • Ensure sealed bearings are rolling smoothly and replace as required,
  • Inspect and re-lubricate freehub mechanisms (pawls, ratchets, ring gears, etc)
  • Ensure spoke tensions are even and as per the rim manufacturers specification.

Aluminium freehubs should be inspected on a regular basis for gouging or keying from cassette gears. Freehub or cassette failure can result from this type of damage. Feehub inspection is conducted by simply removing the cassette at regular intervals to inspect the freehub for damage.

We are only too happy to inspect and service your wheels at any stage to ensure you're able to enjoy your investment.