‚ÄčWhat are our origins?

Several years ago, I was looking at upgrading my mountain and road bike wheels. At that stage, a set of factory wheels were prohibitively expensive. Being quite mechanically minded from a career in aircraft maintenance, I started investigating how I could build my own wheels. I did a bit of searching and came across Roger Musson's website and wheel building book. I studied it from cover to cover and learnt how to build my own. My friends and friends of friends became interested in my wheels and asked for their own custom wheel set as the performance of these wheels were comparable to the more expensive factory wheels; thus commencing my journey of wheel building.

What is our vision?

Well, it is quite simple. We aim to produce custom wheels which meet our customers' needs and wants and supply cycling products which are reliable, serviceable and backed up by quality support .

Our mission is to provide:

  • Reliability - All wheels are built by hand by us and stress relieved regularly during the tension phase. Spoke tensions are balanced and even and they are true radially and laterally.  Spoke threads are prepped with Wheelsmith Spoke Prep and locked with DT Swiss Spoke freeze.
  • Serviceability - All components need to be able to be easily changed if required.
  • Supportability - The spares for all components that are used in our wheels are readily available if required.

What information will we need in preparation to build a set of wheels?

  • What category of riding do you do, mtb, road or track, race, training, or recreational.
  • What is your axle and brake configuration?
  • What type of rims would you like - carbon or aluminium?
  • what is your riding weight including any additional equipment you may carry? This is to ensure we recommend a build that provides you the ideal balance of performance and durability that you require.
  • What is your budget? Wheels can be built from about $500 to whatever you want to spend.
  • Do you have a brand preference? If you like a certain brand, let us know, as this gives us a good starting point.
  • Would you like tubeless? Both road and mountain bike rims are available in UST tubeless and tubeless ready configurations.
  • Any other information that you believe will enable us to give you the best option for your custom wheel set.

How much for a wheel rebuild or wheel true cost?

  • $50 per wheel for a build/rebuild plus the cost of any components,
  • $20 for a wheel true and spoke tension adjustment plus the cost of any replacement components.
  • If rebuilding  or truing a wheel, we request that it is supplied to us in a clean condition with the tyre, tube (unless tubeless), rotors (if applicable) and the cassette removed. A $20 per wheel surcharge may be applicable for cleaning and the removal of components.

What are our favourite/recommended components to use for wheel builds?

Hubs: Novatec, Hope, DT Swiss, Chris King

Spokes: DT Swiss Competition, Revolution, Aero Comp and Aerolite and Sapim CX-Rays

Rims: Stans ZTR range, Nextie Carbon, Kinlin, Gousseau and H Plus Sons

There are many fine products out there, but these are the products that we have found to suit the needs and wants of our customers and that we like to build wheels with. If you have a particular wheel set in mind, ask us to give you a quote, you might be pleasantly surprised.